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July 16, 2014

Colour florals series, coming soon_© Paul Coghlin 2014



September 16, 2010

New photographs from my recent visit to the UK’s stunning Lake District and Scotland’s beautiful and rugged south-east coast will be online soon.

During the five-day trip I was accompanied by my wife and an old friend, who adventurously climbed a few of the local mountains along the well-worn paths to gain spectacular views from the summits or walk around the deep lakes, while I clambered over rocks along the rugged Scottish shorelines with my camera gear and tripod or made my way through the masses of vibrant green vegetation and deep forests in the Lake District.  During the day we’d meet-up to enjoy the local food and swap stories of our excursions before crashing-out at the end of each day at the local B&Bs.

Here’s one of the images from the new work – the spectacular Stock Ghyll Force waterfall in the Lake District.  The second photograph, taken by our companion Lindsay Vigor, gives a clue to the frequent weather conditions we had during the trip, with my wife helping-out with an umbrella on our last day in Scotland, at Portpatrick.