New work – Berlin Wall triptych and Aldeburgh fishing boats

It’s been a little while, but I’ve now completed a number of new images, all of which have been added to the website.  While in Berlin last year, I’d taken a series of shots of The Wall for a triptych, focussing on three sections of the Berlin Wall which have different visual meanings, but come together as the set of three.  Each image has also been added to the website, so they can be viewed as individual pictures.

Last Sunday, Karina and I were out and about again, this time to Aldeburgh, on the UK’s East Anglian coast.  The popular tourist location is just over an hour away from home, so pretty local.  After the unusually warm weather we’d had the previous week, we were now treated to cool, windy, mid-April conditions coming straight off the North Sea.  After a while, I spotted a couple of beached fishing boats some distance away up on the shingle bank, one of which turning out to be a good subject for a few new images, also on the website.  I’ve also added a very short video taken while I set-up the image.  And as usual, I’ve ended-up with grubby knees!  Sometimes you’ve got to get your hands (and trousers) dirty to get that shot!


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