Featured in B+W Photography Magazine, May 2010 edition

Many thanks again to the UK’s B+W Photography Magazine and The Imaging Warehouse, who chose my “Below Zero” series as one of three photographers’ work to be featured in the Readers’ Pictures section of the current edition, May 2010.  The series is printed across a two-page spread: Studies 1 to 4 on one page and the final image, “Below Zero, Study 5”, on its own full-page.

The photographs were taken in January 2010, during one of the UK’s longest coldest winters for many decades, with much of the county frozen for months.

Clicking on the cover will take you to the magazine’s main website, and the featured series pages will take you to Below Zero on my website.


One Response to Featured in B+W Photography Magazine, May 2010 edition

  1. Cameron Harrington says:

    Hi, Paul!

    CONGRATULATIONS — it sounds as if you have been a busy, busy man! I don’t think that I need to say, again, how beautiful your work is, but I did want to share that I showed your work to a friend. She is also a photographer and she thinks that it is exquisite.

    My newest photo adventure, which has actually garnered some interested clients (which is cool), is B&W natural light portraiture and B&W minimal artificial light portraiture. It is so different. I have always loved Dorothea Lange’s photo studies of the migrant workers in the Dust Bowl.

    Anyway, I am off to go find some Civil War cemeteries that are up the street — I found a Civil War trail around the corner from my house and thought a little photo adventure was in order.

    Hope this comment finds you well, and again, congratulations. You deserve it!

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