Bricks and Stripes (Alternative America), and other new images

Back again with a few new images, just uploaded to my website.  One I’m particularly pleased with is “Bricks & Stripes (Alternative America)”, shown below.  The basis of the photograph is a huge red-brick building in BerlinBricks and Stripes (Alternative America) with a series of pale panel stripes running down one side, taken during a trip to the German city in 2008.  It’s a striking building, which I felt could be used as the basis for an unusual monochrome image.  It was only while I was working on the photograph in the “digital darkroom” when I noticed how similar the composition looked to the American flag, the Stars & Stripes, except that the stripes here are running vertically rather than horizontally.

After finishing the monochrome work, the “flag” was completed by rotating the whole image by 180 degrees to position the box for the “stars” (in this case, a huge area of brickwork) at the top left.  The entire image also has been cropped to have precisely the same aspect ratio as the Stars & Stripes itself.  The final high-resolution image is full of detail and a little added grain, much of which is softened by the need to reduce the photograph’s size for the website.

Other new photographs:

“Window Boxes”, based on a very different piece of Berlin architecture (

“Waterloo Bridge” in London (

“Under Bridge” in Berlin (

and “Ceramic On Black”, a minimalistic still-life image (

More images to follow over the next few weeks,


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